KIPP STRIVE Academy Uniform Guidelines

Uniform Policy 

KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools has a dress code that provides guidance to scholars on the expected attire for school. Our dress code is designed as a visual representation of school pride and belonging. Our dress code has some elements of uniformity, while remaining largely autonomous and flexible so that scholars have opportunities for self-expression within each school’s dress code.  

The standards of dress have changed over the years, but it has always been the goal of schools to maintain an educational environment that is safe and beneficial to learning. Each KIPP Metro Atlanta School has a dress code. Each school’s dress code includes a component of a school polo or KIPP shirt or KIPP outerwear which provides a code for each school to follow, however, there is not uniformity in the dress code across a school or across schools within KIPP Metro Atlanta. KIPP Metro Atlanta’s dress code differs from a uniform policy, in that it still allows scholars some choice in what they wear to school.

In addition, the dress code is fundamental to helping scholars learn a life skill. School dress codes are great ways to teach scholars the importance of how to operate within societal norms, including a working environment. 

The scholar Dress Code policy at KIPP Metro Atlanta is that ALL scholars are expected to wear the required Dress Code every day, unless otherwise indicated. 

KIPPsters may wear: 

  1. Monday - Thursday: grade level KIPP STRIVE Academy polo and KIPP STRIVE Academy outerwear (optional),
  2. Friday: grade level KIPP STRIVE Academy polo, KIPP STRIVE Academy shirt, KIPP STRIVE Academy outerwear, KIPP STRIVE Academy athletic jersey or college shirt. 
  3. School issued T-shirts and polos can be worn tucked or untucked.  School will provide scholars with one summer t-shirt and one school polo. Throughout the year scholars may earn and/or purchase additional polos and school swag for honor-roll, sport teams, clubs, etc. 
  4. Bottoms: navy uniform pants, skirts, shorts.
  5. Shoes with a closed-toe and fully closed heel
  6. Socks: Scholar’s choice!
  7. Specific courses may require specialized clothing (sports, enrichments, etc.)

KIPPsters may not wear: 

  1. Tops
    1. Tank Tops 
    1. Non-KIPP STRIVE Academy branded shirts with the exception of special dress down or spirit days (no KIPP STRIVE Primary, KIPP Atlanta Collegiate, or other KIPP school outerwear).
  1. Bottoms
    1. Leggings and tights as a replacement for pants
    1. Pajamas - except for Spirit Days
    1. Ripped, frayed, or torn jeans with holes (on days jeans are allowed)
    1. Shorts or skirts more than 2 inches above the knee
  1. Shoes
    1. Sandals, Slides, Crocs, Shower Shoes, or Flip-Flops.
    1. Any shoes with a heel taller than an inch.
    1. Sneakers/tennis shoes with rolling wheels attached.
  1. Accessories
    1. KIPPsters may not wear hats,beanies, handkerchiefs, bandanas, or sleep headwear. We honor head coverings for religious and/or medical reasons. 
    1. Headwear- except for religious purposes
    1. Jewelry - may not be distracting.

Scholar Dress Code Violation Consequences

·         Scholars who come to school not abiding by any of the above expectations will have funds deducted on Kickboard for each violation, will be required to call home for the correct uniform.

·         Blatant disregard for or consistent violations of the dress code will result in the family being contacted.

Dress Down Days 

On certain days, scholars may participate in Dress Down days. We will communicate these days in advance to scholars and families. Outside of these days, scholars should always be in full uniform.