Atlanta Smart Academy Uniform Guidelines



Official Dress Code Policy 


To enable solutionists to reach high academic standards, the school has put in place a uniform dress code designed to put the focus on learning and to reduce distractions. Implementing a simple, flexible, cost-effective dress code promotes solutionist learning and increases academic instruction time. Interpretation of the Dress Code is at the discretion of the principal and staff and their decision is final.

General Expectations

Solutionists must wear navy blue dress bottoms or khaki dress bottoms and a blue Atlanta SMART Academy logo shirt purchased from the school selected vendor. Navy blue or khaki pants or knee length shorts are acceptable for boys while a navy blue or khaki knee length skirt, skort, shorts or pants are acceptable for girls. Solutionists must wear navy/khaki professional dress pants or navy/khaki professional dress shorts. Capri pants, jeans, and corduroys are not permitted. Solutionists may not wear pants that are low-rise, flare, bell-bottom, cargo (definition: more than two front pockets and two back pockets), carpenter, overly tight or baggy, or made of denim or corduroy. Professional shorts are long enough to reach the top of a solutionist’skneecap and short enough to not stretch past the bottom of a solutionist’s kneecap.


All students must wear the school approved uniform shirt purchased from the school selected vendor.

Shoes: Shoes must be closed toed and flat. Open-toed shoes are not permitted. Shoes with wedges or heels are also not permitted. Flip-flops, stilettos, stacks, platform shoes, and sandals are not permitted. Shoes and/or sneakers must be laced up, with tongue inside, and tied securely.

Belts: Belts must be solid black and must be worn with navy-colored bottoms that have belt loops. Belts may not hang down. Studded belts are not permitted. Belt buckles must be a solid color metal (silver, gold, etc.). Buckles may not be oversized or in distracting shapes or designs (ex: glittered, heart-shaped, etc.). What is over-sized or distracting is determined at the sole discretion of ASA staff.

Leggings and Tights: Underneath appropriate bottoms, solutionists may wear solid black or navy blue tights/stockings (must cover the feet) in cold weather or black shorts in warm weather. Stretch pants and leggings that do not cover the feet are not permitted.

Hair: Hair should be groomed and free from distracting accessories (ie. large bows, bands, or strings.) Nails: Nails should be well groomed and kept trimmed at a safe length.

Personal Hygiene: The personal grooming of solutionists should be in accordance with the standards set by the uniform dress code. Solutionists should be clean and neat when at school.

Arts/Physical Education (PE) attire - All solutionists are to wear their standard uniform for arts/PE: A black arts/electives t-shirt and black shorts or leggings.

● Cold weather attire – All solutionists may wear Atlanta SMART Academy sweaters or sweatshirts purchased from the school selected vendor or provided by the school.

● Hooded sweaters or sweatshirts are not allowed except when provided by the school.

● Undershirts (t-shirts worn under uniform shirts) must fit appropriately under the uniform shirts. Undershirts may not have longer sleeves than uniform shirts.

● All clothing must be sized properly so items are not overly baggy or tight.

Not Permitted

● Hats of any kind or hooded sweatshirts; no hooded sweatshirts are permitted in the classroom unless provided by the school.

● Dark glasses i.e., shades or sunglasses

● Any distracting jewelry i.e., chains, necklaces or large hoop earrings.

● Overly large clothing that sags down below the waist area

● Blue jean material, knit pull-on pants, jogging pants, cargo pants with outside side pockets, corduroy pants, or decorative embroidery are not permitted.

● No shoes with wheels, airbrushing, house slippers, or flip flops are permitted on school grounds, in the parking lots or on the playgrounds.

● Extreme hairstyles. Extreme styles are at the discretion of the school leader.

● Headwear. No head scarves are permitted unless they are worn for religious


● Clothing with language that can cause a significant distraction or be deemed offensive.

● Tattoos or writing on skin

● Make up

● Piercings in areas other than ears.

● Wearing, carrying, and displaying gang paraphernalia, names, signs, or symbols of gang membership are prohibited.

Staff members and the administration will determine if clothing is appropriate and follows guidelines. Parents will be contacted when a solutionist is dressed inappropriately. Appropriate clothing must be brought to school, or the solutionist will be given a loaner uniform and assigned detention.