KIPP DC Uniform Guidelines

Uniform Policy 

KIPP DC’s dress code seeks to promote community and belonging, maximize learning, reflect our college and career aspirations, and encourage student expression and choice. KIPP DC wants to ensure that students are prepared each day to comfortably participate in and focus on all school activities. Accordingly, KIPP DC asks students to adhere to the dress code described below. In addition, each school may create dress guidelines that they distribute to students and families.


●  Tops: Students must wear a KIPP DC shirt at all times long enough to cover the midriff when sitting or standing.

●  Bottoms: Students must wear pants, shorts, or skirts that are appropriately sized, worn at the waist, and not ripped.

●  Shoes: Students should wear comfortable shoes. Students should not wear shoes that restrict their ability to participate in physical education or other activities, including open-toed shoes or flip-flops.

Note: KIPP DC respects and protects students’ religious, ethnic, and cultural expression. Students may wear any religiously, ethnically, or culturally specific head coverings or hairstyles, including but not limited to hijabs, yarmulkes, and head/hair wraps.


The following clothing is prohibited - Any article of clothing, accessory, 
or markings on clothes or skin that:

●  Exhibit curse words, slurs, or hate speech. 

●  Display emblems, symbols, signs, or other things which are clear evidence of affiliation with illegal drugs, alcohol, violence, hate groups, or criminally motivated organizations.